Welcome to PoPS: Prediction of Protease Specificity

Welcome to the revamped PoPS website! Thanks to Steve Androulakis (Monash University) for assistance with redesigning these pages.

The PoPS project is a set of computational tools for investigating protease specificity. The main PoPS program allows users to model and profile protease specificity and predict substrate cleavage. Other tools are available to search for substrates within proteomes (protein databases for organisms), and create simple matrix models of specificity from experimental data. Please send all your feedback (comments, complaints, bug reports, suggestions and queries) to Sarah Boyd or Jiangning Song: Sarah.Boyd@monash.edu or Jiangning.Song@monash.edu

Users are also encouraged to use web service of our recently developed tool PROSPER, which is an integrated state-of-the-art server capable of predicting substrate cleavage sites of multiple proteases within a single substrate sequence.